End User System Requirements

End User Browser

The Frame Platform has been developed to deliver an application’s graphical user interface through any HTML5/WebGL compatible browser. This includes support for the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox on Mac/Windows, Safari on Mac, and Edge on PCs. We have partial support for IE 11 (we do not support printing or audio output for IE 11). Performance varies by browser, with Chrome and Firefox delivering the best overall experience. We test on the latest version of each browser and recommend our customers use the latest version as well. If, for some reason, you cannot update to the latest version we recommend using the most stable release option available. The following table shows the current stable release versions for each browser:

Browser Stable Release Version
Chrome (Mac/PC) 75
Firefox (Mac/PC) 68
Safari (Mac) 12
Internet Explorer (PC) 11.0
Edge (PC) 42

Network Requirements

The following requirements must be met in order for the Frame terminal to communicate with the Frame server running on the Frame workload:

  1. Support for web sockets through all firewalls
  2. Support for TLS connections on port 443 to the Frame Platform