Mass User Creation

There are options available for administrators who wish to create many users without email invitation or activation. Mass user creation can be used to deliver training and certification tests to end users who are “guest users” (not employees, but clients or anonymous users). Mass user creation is a less complicated, built-in solution for letting users access Frame environments. This solution does not rely on any existing identity provider integration. If you wish to integrate Frame with your SAML2 authentication, please refer to our SAML2 Provider Integrations documentation.


Be aware that the token duration timer starts as soon as the URLs are generated. We recommend generating these URLS right before you plan on providing them to your users so they can utilize the entire token duration.


The only prerequisite for mass user creation without email activation is to create a Secure Anonymous Token Provider. This short and easy process is described in detail under our Frame APIs section.

Mass User Creation Setup

Once you have created a Secure Anonymous Token Provider and set the desired token duration, roles, and scopes, simply click on the ellipsis listed next to your Anonymous Access Provider and click “Playground.”


Specify the number of tokens you will need, enable the “Embed token in a URL” toggle, and then click “Generate Anonymous Tokens” as shown below:


All tokens and their pre-constructed URLs will be copied to your clipboard. When you paste the URLs into a text editor, they should look something like this:

You can now distribute these URLs to your end users to give them access to your Frame environment.