General IdP Integration Setup

A SAML2 authentication integration can be configured at any level (depending on administrative access) by navigating to the Admin page and clicking on the ellipsis listed next to the desired entity name. Select “Users” from the menu that appears.


Enable the “SAML2” toggle under the “Authentication” tab.


Once the setting is saved, the “SAML2 Providers” tab will appear where the administrator can add a new SAML2 provider.


Click on “Add Provider.” The “Add SAML2 Identity Provider” dialog will appear.


The administrative workflow for this process will consist of the following steps:

  1. Start the integration process on Frame by clicking “Add Provider.”
  2. Enter the necessary configuration information.
  3. Configure your Cloud IdP.
  4. Add authorization rules to the Xi Frame account.

Now users should be able to go to Launchpads configured for SAML2 or the following URL format:[customer_URL_name]/[organization_URL_name]/[account_URL_name]/[launchpad_URL_name]

Configure SAML2 Permissions

Once the IdP is successfully configured, administrators will need to configure the authorization rules for the account from the “SAML2 Permissions” tab listed to the right of the current tab. Read more about user roles and permissions on our “User Permissions” section.