Test Drive or Start a 30-day Trial

If you’re interested in the Frame platform, we have two ways you can evaluate Frame to see how it can support your use case. Those of you wishing to immediately dive into a Frame environment to see how it works may be interested in our Test Drive option which is a rapidly provisioned test account you may use for up to 12 hours. If you already have your own infrastructure (public cloud account on Azure, GCP or AWS or on-prem Nutanix AHV infrastructure), we also offer a Frame Trial which is a 30-day trial you can sign up for through My Nutanix. If you’re unsure of where to begin, reference the tables below for more information about each option.

If you have already tried Frame and are ready to subscribe, you can move on to our Sign Up Guide.

Test Drive

  • Test Drive accounts are available for use up to 12 hours from the time they are provisioned.

  • Recommended for customers who have not yet established any cloud/on-premises infrastructure but are interested in a quick evaluation of Frame.

  • Uses Nutanix IaaS (AWS only) to quickly provide you with an active Frame environment.

  • Test Drive environments provide a limited environment and do not support more complex integrations (Active Directory Domain Joined Instances, access to customer private networks, connecting your own infrastructure, etc.).

  • Test Drives cannot be converted into a paid subscription.

  • More details about Test Drive can be found in the FAQ.


  • Trial accounts are available for 30 days after sign up.

  • Recommended for customers requiring a full evaluation to validate if Frame can support their use case.

  • Customers may connect their own public cloud subscriptions and/or on-premises Nutanix AHV infrastructure or choose to deploy on Nutanix IaaS (AWS, Azure, and/or GCP).

  • Trial accounts provide more evaluation time, resources, and platform access so customers may test and easily convert their Trial into a paid subscription.

  • More details about the Frame Trial can be found in the FAQ.

Test Drive and Trial Guides

Once you have signed up for a My Nutanix account, click the “Get Started” button under “Cloud Services” from your My Nutanix dashboard.


You will be taken to your My Nutanix Billing Center, where you will see the following options:


Try Nutanix Frame free for 30 days

The first option allows you to connect Frame to your own cloud infrastructure service (“BYO infrastructure”) for free for 30 days. There is no credit card required and you are allowed to add up to 5 named users at any time within the 30 day free trial period. For additional information about the Frame Trial, check out the Frame Trial FAQ section at the bottom of this page. Click the link to select this option. You will automatically be taken to your Frame account Admin view. Use the links in the guide above your Customers list to get started:


Don’t have your own infrastructure, but want to try?

The second trial option lets you try out Frame with any cloud infrastructure provider of your choosing. We provide the platform and cloud infrastructure in the form of Frame credits for you to spend as you choose. If you do not already have a promo code, click “Request a trial code.”


You will be prompted to enter some information about your use case and specific needs. Your information will be sent to a Frame specialist and you will receive an email containing a promo code and additional information about your trial.


If you would like to extend your Frame trial, contact your Frame sales specialist or our sales team (frame-sales@nutanix.com).

Ready to subscribe to Nutanix Frame?

If you are ready to subscribe to Nutanix Frame, proceed to the Sign Up Guide.

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