Early Access Features

As part of our overall release process, certain key new features will be made available in our production platform with an Early Access (EA) status.


Typically, these features can be enabled via a slider, marked as “EA” or via advanced parameters that must manually be added to an account. EA features are intended to give our customers an opportunity to see new features before reaching General Availability (GA) status. EA features may not be 100% complete or may have certain known or unknown issues. In addition, documentation for EA features may not be available or complete. We encourage our customers to try out EA features in test or demo accounts and provide as much feedback as possible through our regular support channels. In addition, we may solicit feedback through meetings and calls with Solution Architects and Product Managers. The time frame for features to move from EA to GA status varies depending on the nature of the feature and on the type of feedback received during the EA phase.