Sign Up or Start a Trial

Nutanix provides the option to test out their Xi Cloud Services before subscribing. To start a Frame trial or simply sign up for a Frame Account, follow the steps below. The process is easy and only takes a few minutes. First, go to the My Nutanix sign up page and follow the prompts to create your My Nutanix account if you don’t already have one. If you have already started a Frame Trial and have some questions, please skip ahead to the Frame Trial FAQ.


Once you’ve completed the email verification process and signed in with your new credentials, you will be taken to “” Click “Start Trial” under Frame.


A new tab will open which will provide you with three options:


Use the links below to view the guide for each option:

Try Frame Free for 30 Days

The first option allows you to connect Frame to your own cloud infrastructure service (“BYO infrastructure”) for free for 30 days. There is no credit card required and you are allowed to add up to 5 named users at any time within the 30 day free trial period. For additional information about the Frame Trial, check out the Frame Trial FAQ section at the bottom of this page.


Click the link to select this option. You will automatically be taken to your Frame account Admin view. Use the links in the guide above your Customers list to get started:


Try with Frame Infrastructure

The second trial option lets you try out Frame with any cloud infrastructure provider of your choosing. We provide the platform and cloud infrastructure in the form of Frame credits for you to spend as you choose. If you do not already have a promo code, click “Request a trial code.”


You will be prompted to enter some information about your use case and specific needs. Your information will be sent to a Frame specialist and you will receive an email containing a promo code and additional information about your trial.



If you would like to extend your Frame trial, contact your Frame sales specialist or our sales team (

Subscribe to Frame

If you don’t need a trial and would prefer to start your Frame subscription immediately, simply click on the link in the third option.


You will be asked if you would prefer to use Nutanix Frame infrastructure or use your own infrastructure:



If you ordered via a purchase order, you will receive an email with a link to create a My Nutanix account. Once created, simply click “Launch” below your Frame chicklet.

Select a plan:


Specify the minimum number of named users you require for the year (5 users is the minimum). Click “Next.”


Provide your payment information and company details. Click “Next.”


Review your selections. If you have a promo code, enter it under the “Summary” section and click “Apply.” When you’re ready, click “Accept & Place Order.”


Success! Your Frame subscription is ready.


Click “Proceed to Frame.”

To continue past this point, you must agree to Nutanix Cloud Services Terms of Service. To do this, click “I Accept.”


If you haven’t already set up a cloud account, follow the instructions in these Bring Your Own (BYO) guides for AWS , Azure or GCP. Once you have completed the BYO setup, click here for more instructions on how to set up your Organization.

Frame Trial FAQ

Can I really set up Frame with unlimited users during the 30-day trial?

Yes, the number of users you can invite to participate in your Frame trial using your own AWS, Azure, or GCP cloud accounts (IaaS) or using your own Nutanix on-prem infrastructure with AHV is unlimited. For your own protection, the default virtual machine limit for the trial is set to 5 VMs (similar to how limits work with your IaaS provider). If you need to raise the VM limit, simply email with your account name and the number of VMs you wish to use. You will need to check with your IaaS provider to ensure those limits are raised as well. See details in our articles on BYO IaaS:

Can I still use the Frame trial if I don’t have any IaaS accounts or Nutanix on-prem infrastructure?

Yes, we provide an option for you to try Frame with our own IaaS accounts. You will receive up to $25 worth of IaaS credits at no cost to you. You can use these credits with AWS, Azure, or GCP. When you sign up for the trial, you’ll be given an option to request a promo code which you will then use to start the trial with the IaaS credits. Be aware that this option requires you to submit your credit card information. The amount of IaaS credit we provide is sufficient for a few users to try out the system. As soon as you consume the IaaS credits, your trial will expire. From there, you can easily subscribe to continue. While there is no limit to the number of users for this trial option, the credits will be consumed quickly if you decide to start with more than just a few users.

Can I access all features of Frame during the trial?

Yes - the free trial includes access to all generally available (GA) features of the Frame service. Features marked with Early Access (EA) should not be accessed during the trial. Also, please note that for features involving integration with your own systems (e.g. domain controllers, private networks, on-prem infrastructure, custom cloud networking) - we do not include any consulting, integration, or troubleshooting services with the trial.

Is full Frame support included during the trial?

You are welcome to access all Frame documentation at You may also send questions to, but our support SLAs do not apply during the trial. Also, integration, troubleshooting, consulting, and other professional services are not included in the trial. Once you subscribe to the paid Frame service, you will be given access to our Support Portal where you can submit tickets to Nutanix Support, governed by our published Support SLA.

You may also purchase Nutanix Xpert Services to assist you with your deployment (this is recommended for implementations that require integration with your own on-premises resources such as domain controllers and file servers, private networking, etc.).

Can I convert my trial account into a paid subscription?

Yes, at any point during the trial or within one week after completing the trial, you can choose to subscribe either directly online via credit card or you can place a PO with your chosen Nutanix partner.

Do you provide services to assist with onboarding and implementation for a production deployment?

Yes, Nutanix Xpert Services provides a range of EUC VDI assessment, design, deployment, migration, and operational review services to help you design, onboard, and implement Frame. Further details, including datasheets, are available at Nutanix Xpert Services Virtual Desktop Modernization page. Please contact your Nutanix Account Executive for details.