Sandbox Debug Mode

If RDP sessions are necessary to perform administrative tasks, such as troubleshooting an issue or installing an application for a persistent desktop, perform the following steps:

  1. At the account dashboard, browse to the Status page.

  1. Find the machine you wish to debug and click the kebab menu on the far right, then choose Start in Debug Mode.


The machine must be powered down prior to using this option.

  1. In the Start in Debug mode window, enter the IP address of the machine you wish to have RDP access from. You must Tab or click out of the Whitelisted IP addresses field to activate the Enable button. If multiple administrators need access, you can use multiple IP addresses in this field. You can also use the Tab Click Enable.



This action will kick off orchestration which boots the VM in Debug Mode.

  1. When ready, the Start in Debug mode window will display RDP information. This information can be used to access the machine via RDP. Each of the fields has a copy icon next to it for easier administration.



The Server IP field contains information which can be used by RDP to connect to a VM in place of the IP address. The IP address of the VM is also provided in the Server IP field if you wish to connect via IP instead.

The User field provides the default username that you can RDP into the VM with. If this Frame account was built with BYO imaging, you can use the account that you created within the OS as well.

The Password field shows the current password attached to the Frame account denoted above. This password will only last until the VM reboots, after which it is randomized.


Debug Mode lasts until the VM is powered down or rebooted. If you log out of a RDP debug session, but don’t power down or reboot the VM. You could then enter a new debug session using the same login information.