Clipboard Integration

Frame’s clipboard integration allows users to move text between their local machine and their Frame session. This feature is easily enabled by an administrator with a toggle accessible from the Dashboard. Clipboard functionality can vary depending on the type of browser being used to access Frame. We will outline these differences below.

Using the Clipboard Integration

This feature is great for passing text between your local machine and the remote application session. Note that this integration requires an interim step when copying and pasting, simply because a browser alone can’t insert data into your local machine’s clipboard without your direct acknowledgment (not requiring your acknowledgment can pose a security risk). To use the clipboard integration, follow the steps below:

  1. While in a Frame session, click on the clipboard icon on the right side of your status bar (lower right corner of the screen).
  1. The clipboard dialog box will appear. Any information you have copied (either using a keyboard shortcut or using the context menu) from the session will appear in the text box on the right when you open up this dialog. Copy the text from the box on the right to be able to paste it on your local machine.

  2. As you may have guessed, you can also copy text from your local computer to your Frame session. Once you have copied your desired text from your local machine, go back to your session and click on the clipboard icon. Paste the text into the box on the left. The dialog will display a “Pasted!” message if the text was pasted successfully. Now you can paste the same text from your local machine anywhere in your session.

Clipboard Sync

Clipboard sync ties your local copy/paste shortcuts to your Frame session. For instance, if you highlight text from your local PC (outside of the Frame session) you can simply use keyboard shortcuts to copy it locally and paste the information directly into the Frame session. No need to open a special dialog box.


The “Clipboard Integration” feature, when enabled, defaults to the clipboard sync function in Chrome. This feature is not yet supported on other browsers. The first time you use clipboard sync, your local Chrome browser will request permission to “see text and images copied to the clipboard.” Once permission is given, Chrome will not prompt you again.


You can enable/disable clipboard sync in your session by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner.


Enable Clipboard Integration

This session setting is enabled by default on all Frame accounts. Administrators can access the toggle for clipboard functionality for end users by clicking on “Settings” from the Dashboard menu on the left. From there, navigate to the “Session” tab. Under the “Features” section, enable/disable “Clipboard integration.” Administrators can also choose the clipboard direction policy they would like to give their users access to:

  • Bidirectional: This option enables users to copy/paste data between their local machine and their remote Frame session.
  • Local to remote: This option limits users to only being able to copy data from their local machine to be pasted into their remote Frame session.
  • Remote to local: This option limits users to only being able to copy data from their remote Frame session to be pasted into their local machine.

Be sure to click “Save” to save your settings.

To read more about session settings, check out our documentation.