Banners and Classification Labeling

Customer Terminal Banner

Terminal banners display custom messages across the top of a user’s Frame session. Banners can be used as a reminder to the user that they are using a special type of environment. This feature is required for many high security environments such as government, medical, and finance. Administrators can specify the color and text of the banner for their own classification purposes.

  1. To enable this feature, navigate to the “General” tab listed under the “Settings” section of your Dashboard.

  2. From there, you should see a section titled “Custom banners.” Under this section, click on the “Enable custom terminal banner” toggle to enable it. A new set of options will appear.

  3. Set the banner color and text color by entering hex color codes in each field or clicking on the field to open the color chooser. Specify what you would like your banner to say by entering it in the “Message text” field. Click “Save” to apply your changes.

  4. Your banner can now be seen at the top of the Frame session.


Custom Login Banner

From the same section, you can also create a custom login banner for your users. Use the custom login banner to give your users special instructions or an important message if necessary.

  1. Under the “Custom login banner” section, click on the “Enable custom login banner” toggle to enable it.

  2. A new set of options will appear under this section. Set the title and message text for your custom login banner.

  3. Make sure to click “Save” in the upper right corner of your Dashboard to save your changes.

After your user logs in, they will see a white page displaying your message. They will need to click “I Accept” to be taken to their Launchpad.