Frame Platform 22-10-06

Published on 2022-10-06 00:00:00

Frame Terminal 6.20.0


  • Tech Preview Feature to automatically refresh video stream (FRP8 only, does not apply to FRP7) when a specified packet loss rate threshold is exceeded that could result in a frozen session and/or visual artifacting. Feature can be enabled via the Advanced Terminal Argument:

    • n = Number of lost packets

    • t = Time frame in milliseconds

    • b = Backoff factor between refreshes. Total backoff time is equal to t×b.

    Example: refreshStreamOnPacketsLoss=250/1000/2

    This means that if 250 or more packets are lost within 1000ms, the video stream will be auto-refreshed and won’t refresh again for at least 2000ms (1000ms × 2).

  • Entry within Session Log when the user’s session is unable to use YUV444 and falls back to YUV420.


  • Additional reliability fixes.