Frame Platform 22-09-15ΒΆ

Published on 2022-09-15 00:00:00

Frame Console 3.39.0


  • AHV: Ability to clone User Volumes (Enterprise Profiles and Personal Drives) from one Account to another. Accounts can be deployed on different Cloud Accounts (AHV Clusters).


  • Issue where Disk Size within Dashboard > Sandbox is not properly updated after a Sandbox clone operation.

  • Issue where Quick Launch Launchpad fails to load, resulting in a white screen.

  • Issue where initial size for User Volumes (Enterprise Profiles and Personal Drives) can incorrectly be set to 0 GB (minimum should be 1 GB).

  • Issue where Keyboard Mappings cannot be added or edited within Dashboard > Settings > Session > Keyboard Profiles due to an overlay problem.

  • Issue where Utility Servers can not be renamed.

  • Additional cosmetic and reliability fixes.

Frame Gateway 9.14.0


  • Azure: When a Publish fails or a Frame Account is terminated, Frame Gateway will verify that there are no orphaned VMs or volumes that were previously provisioned for that Frame Account.


  • Azure: Issue where Linux workload VMs are unable to properly provision.

  • Additional reliability fixes.

Frame Terminal 6.19.0


  • Optimized session start time when using FRP8. Requires optimizeSessionStart argument to be set within Dashboard > Settings > Session > Advanced Options > Advanced Terminal Arguments. (Early Access)

  • SmartCard support when using FRP8 via Windows endpoint devices. (Tech Preview)


  • Additional reliability fixes.