v2.99.0 (October 21, 2021)

Published on 2021-10-21 00:00:00

Frame Gateway


  • Encrypt AWS EBS volume when auto-deploying SGA VM.

  • Exception handling when Frame Guest Agent disconnects during the process of closing the session.

  • Exception handling when an instance type change request fails and need to rollback to the original instance type.

  • Domain-joined sandbox server name is preserved when restoring the Sandbox from a backup.

  • Performance optimizations and reliability fixes.

  • Quarantine security groups are no longer created for BYO networking in AWS or GCP.

  • Frame accounts to be created on an existing Azure VNET (BYO Networking).


  • If the Frame Guest Agent does not register with Frame Platform within 10 minutes of workload VM booting, reboot the workload VM.

Frame App 6.5


  • Frame App supports HTTP Basic Authentication of users.


  • Clicking “Save” in preferences menu of Frame App would not apply preferences.

  • Frame App for Linux audio output disabled even though speaker icon indicates audio output is enabled (for FRP8).

  • Frame.exe is now signed before inclusion in the Microsoft Installer package.

  • Some Frame App for MacOS users would see an error ERR_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT_NEEDED, requiring the users to continue by clicking the continue link.

Frame Terminal 6.5


  • Users can now select desired media device (camera and microphone) for FRP8 sessions.


  • Displaying the wrong display resolution at session start when the auto layout feature is used.

  • Default pixel ratio saved for the primary monitor in the local preferences database.

  • Pixel ratio and display scaling sent from Terminal to Frame Guest Agent.

  • Improve ability for Frame Terminal to handle management protocol disconnections between Frame Terminal and the messaging.console.nutanix.com (for FRP8).

Frame Console


  • Administrators can now enable FRP8 in Frame accounts on AHV. Administrators must still ensure the remaining prerequisiets for FRP8 are met.

  • Administrators can enable RDP for all server types (Start Debug Mode).


  • Administrators can terminate an organization entity when there are no cloud accounts attached on the organization.

  • Users with the Sandbox Administrator and Utility Server Administrator role can access the Sandbox and Utility Server pages from the Dashboard, respectively.

  • The computed number of Sandbox backups now equals the number of Sandbox backups listed in Dashboard.

  • Frame account name is verified to ensure the special characters {, }, [, ], ", and ' can not be saved.