v2.97.0 (September 29, 2021)

Published on 2021-09-29 00:00:00

Frame Gateway


  • Allow BYO Azure cloud account validation when public IP addresses are not allowed to be provisioned.

  • Under specific situations, Gateway would report publish was successful when the workload VMs did not successfully reach Running status.

Frame Terminal 6.4


  • For Application Launchpad sessions, clarified the “Last Application Closed” dialog text.

  • Display the connection type (UDP versus TCP) in Advanced Statistics when FRP 8.0 is used.


  • Actual bandwidth used between Frame Terminal and Frame Guest Agent is now reported in Frame UI (e.g., Session Trail), instead of estimated maximum allowed bandwidth.

Frame App 6.4


  • Users can opt out of installing the Nutanix Virtual USB driver on their local Windows endpoints via a checkbox in the installer GUI.

  • Administrators can opt out of installing the Nutanix Frame Virtual USB driver on the local Windows endpoint using the silent installation argument INSTALL_DRIVERS=OFF. Default is “ON”.

  • Administrators can opt out of Frame App for Windows sending error reports to Nutanix using the silent installation argument SEND_ERROR_REPORTS=OFF or by setting the Group Policy Object SEND_ERROR_REPORTS to OFF. Default is “ON”.


  • Frame App for Windows installer would fail if preferences database was in use.

  • Frame App for Windows installer would fail if the user name had spaces or Unicode characters.

Frame Console


  • Administrators can backup all volumes at once (Enterprise Profiles, Persistent Desktops).

  • Administrators can reboot a Sandbox in one step rather than needing to toggle power on a Sandbox.

  • Administrators can enable/disable webcam functionality in Session Settings.

  • Administrators can enable/disable Advanced USB redirection in Session Settings.

  • Administrators can configure the Windows hostname prefix (up to 6 characters) in Settings > Domain Settings that is used when the workload VMs are joined to the domain.


  • Dashboard > Volumes backup list was not updated immediately after a user volume was created or deleted.

  • When starting a backup in Dashboard > Volumes, administrators were unable to interact with the Volumes page.

  • Report the Free Space of a volume to 2 decimal places (to the nearest hundredths of a GB).

  • Account administrators were unable to update the basic information (“Basic info”) associated with a Frame account.

  • After a user was invited through Frame IdP (Basic username/password), the invited user was not visible in the user list.

Streaming Gateway Appliance 3.2


  • Additional logging to enable better troubleshooting of TURN authentication workflows (Frame Remoting Protocol 8.0).

  • Configurable STUN server address to use for external public IP address discovery (optional STUN_SERVER SGA variable, defaults to stun.console.nutanix.com).

  • iperf3 network performance measurement tool now included in SGA disk image.

  • Explanatory tooltips for troubleshooting tools in the web management application.


  • Removed deprecated cryptographic primitives to enhance SSH server security.

  • Improved compliance with web management application standards.

  • Resolved an issue with losing manually-configured public IP address, if STUN server is unreachable.