v2.95.0 (August 26, 2021)

Published on 2021-08-26 00:00:00

Frame Gateway


  • Support the ability to clone a Sandbox from one AHV cluster to another AHV cluster (“AHV Cloud Accounts”).


  • Issue where the persistent desktop instances are changed to different instance types that were not the instance type of the original production pool.

  • Enterprise profile volume in AWS deleted when the volume failed to attach.

  • Performance and stability fixes.

Frame Terminal 6.2


  • Improved logging for file uploads/downloads for both Frame Remoting Protocol (FRP) 7.0 (WebSocket) and 8.0 (WebRTC).

Frame App 6.2


  • Improved logging for file uploads/downloads for both FRP 7.0 (WebSocket) and 8.0 (WebRTC).

  • Frame App for Windows now includes a USB filter driver, which is required for generic USB remoting. Please note that with Frame App for Windows 6.2 and greater, a reboot is now required after install. Due to the new reboot requirement, Frame App for Windows 6.2 will not be distributed as an auto-update release.

  • New Frame App Installer argument ADVANCED_USB (default value “ON”). Set to “OFF”, if using Frame Guest Agent (FGA) 7.23.X and 8.0.X with USB HID support. For FGA 8.1 or greater, value of “ON” enables generic USB remoting.


  • Frame App Installer would not remove preferences database on uninstall.

Frame UI


  • Account Administrators can now reassign a running persistent desktop to a different user by specifying the identity provider and email address of the user who is assigned to the persistent desktop (as long as the persistent desktop is not in use).

  • Keyboard mappings to support Belgium French and Belgium Dutch languages (fr-BE and nl-BE).

  • Automatic backup option (in addition to manual backup by users and administrators) for persistent desktops.

  • Slider to enable Frame Remoting Protocol 8.0 (WebRTC) in Network Settings for Frame accounts created using public IP addresses (not applicable for Frame accounts created in private networking or private networking with SGA modes).


  • Session reports not sortable by day.

  • Moved “Promote domain user to local admin” slider from Session Settings to Domain Settings and display only for domain-joined persistent desktop accounts and when “Require login with domain user account” is enabled.

  • Frame administrators could increase the Default Capacity max past the allowed max capacity and were allowed to try and save the setting.

  • Issue handling SAML2 Authentication Response messages containing specific characters.

  • Additional stability and user experience fixes.

Streaming Gateway Appliance 3.0


  • Support for both FRP 7.0 (WebSocket) and 8.0 (WebRTC).

    • TURN server (udp/3478 and tcp/3478) for WebRTC support.

  • Improved management and monitoring features

    • Public web service (https://mgmt.<base domain>/) with:

      • WebRTC TURN authentication endpoint for TURN-relayed sessions.

      • SGA version report (/_frame_sga_version) endpoint for use by troubleshooting tools which can be disabled.

      • Endpoints not explicitly defined will return HTTP response code 404 (Not Found) and not a default web page.

    • Private web service (http://<private IP address>:8888/, configurable port)

      • Monitoring and troubleshooting dashboard

      • SGA health check endpoint (/_frame_sga_health) for use by load balancers

  • SGA 3.0 VMs are now provisioned as persistent VMs.