v2.93.0 (July 29, 2021)ΒΆ

Published on 2021-07-29 00:00:00

Frame Gateway


  • Issue where Session failed to start error message is displayed when launching a Persistent Desktop that is in maintenance mode.

Frame Terminal 6.0


  • Issue where caps lock may not be passed into Frame session from certain keyboards.

  • Issue where error message pops-up when sound is turned off via Frame session toolbar when actively playing multimedia in session.

  • Issue where initiating a print job of more than two documents consecutively via Frame PDF printing would fail.

Frame App 6.0


  • Issue where installation parameters for Frame App for Windows does not properly apply.

  • Silent installer argument FORCE_CHANGE_PREFERENCES changed to FORCE and prevents users from changing the Preferences values after installation.

Frame UI


  • Issue for customers using Samsung DeX where the bottom of the Launchpad and subsequent session resume/quit controls are not visible.

  • Additional stability fixes.


  • Removed the ability to create a Frame account on public cloud infrastructure, referencing a private VPC ID when selecting Frame networking, Public network. Frame administrators can create a Frame account in an existing VPC/VNET using the BYO Networking option.