v2.103.1 (December 25, 2021)ΒΆ

Published on 2021-12-25 00:00:00

Frame Console


  • Automatic backups can now be configured with a frequency between 1 and 24 hours.

  • Customer Administrators can now allow Launchpad users to download Frame App from their Launchpads by enabling this capability from Customer > Update > Settings in the Frame console.

  • An assigned persistent desktop can be unassigned (and assigned again later to another user).

  • Administrators can specify a CIDR when enabling RDP Debug mode on a powered off workload VM.


  • For BYO Networking accounts on Azure and AWS, the Administrator no longer specifies the DNS Servers in Dashboard > Settings > Domain Settings, as the DNS servers are specified in the Azure VNET and AWS VPC DNS options.

  • Additional security and reliability fixes.

Frame Gateway


  • For BYO networking on AWS or Azure, Frame will not modify the DNS options of a customer-managed virtual network.

  • When migrating workload VMs from FGA 7 to FGA 8, custom server scripts will be saved to the workload VM after upgrading to FGA 8.

  • When a sysprep fails during a publish for domain-joined Frame accounts, the publish will fail immediately (and Frame Gateway will not attempt to retry a publish).

  • Reliability fixes and performance optimizations.