v2.102.0 (December 3, 2021)ΒΆ

Published on 2021-12-03 00:00:00

Frame Console


  • Application Mode 2.0 (Early Access) can be enabled through a slider in an Application Launchpad, in Session Settings.

  • Administrators can set a prefix of up to 6 characters for non-domain-joined instances under Dashboard > Settings.


  • Account Administrators can view virtual networks in Dashboard > Settings > Networking.

  • List of customers, organizations, accounts, and Launchpads are sorted alphabetically when specifying a role in SAML2 Permissions.

  • User volume backups table is not visible in Mozilla browser.

  • User volume backups are sorted in descending order of date/time.

  • Additional reliability fixes.

Frame Gateway


  • Cloud Account status change (disconnect and connect) will generate messages in Notification Center.

  • Reliability fixes and performance optimizations.

Frame App 6.7


  • Added main menu to Frame App for Linux.

  • Users can disable auto update in Frame App for Linux.


  • Frame App for Linux windows focus changes after update dialog appears for IGEL OS.

  • Frame App for Windows installer includes USB filter driver 1.1.0 (reliablity fixes).

  • Frame App for Windows handles the workflow when USB devices (while being redirected) are physically detached from the endpoint and then reconnected.

  • Users can continue working in their Frame session after users cancel a print request.

  • When the Escape key is pressed and held in full screen mode, Frame App will exit full screen (if not in kiosk mode). If Frame App is configured for kiosk mode, then Frame App will exit.

Frame Terminal 6.7


  • Users can download files using the File Download feature using Firefox with Frame Remoting Protocol 8.0.