v2.101.1 (November 24, 2021)

Published on 2021-11-24 00:00:00

Frame App 6.6


  • Show the USB device vendor ID and production ID in the list of USB devices that are available for redirection.


  • When a mobile phone is plugged into the local endpoint via USB, the images can be viewed in Windows Photo Viewer within the Frame workload VM through Advanced USB redirection.

  • Application installation no longer fails when user preferences cannot be saved.

  • Auto update no longer switches constantly between the download window and the main Frame App window.

  • Frame App now detects if more than one instance of Frame App is running and warns the user that specific features, like Advanced USB redirection, will not work.

  • For Frame App for Linux installation, application installs in the “/usr/bin” directory.

  • For Frame App for Linux, user is able to use the Windows key and an arrow key at the same time to move the application windows within the session.

  • For Frame App for Windows installer, prompt the user to restart their local machine if the Virtual USB Filter Driver is updated.

  • Additional reliability fixes.

Frame Terminal 6.6


  • Show/hide stats can now be enabled/disabled on the Windows login screen (domain-joined instances) via the Frame Gear icon.

  • Debug information can be copied from the Advanced Session Stats window when Clipboard Integration is disabled.


  • Chrome browsers plugged into Ubuntu endpoints now recognize plugged-in USB devices.

  • FRP8 sessions now support Session Roaming (can be disconnected and resumed from a different location) which was previously only available in FRP7 sessions. (Requires FGA 8.2.4 or greater.)

Frame Console


  • In Dashboard > Audit Trail > Session Trail, administrators can view events associated with a session.