Frame App 6.12

Published on 2022-06-16 00:00:00

Frame App 6.12

We are announcing the release of Frame App 6.12.0. This version of Frame App is now available for download from or directly from your Frame Launchpad (if enabled by policy by your administrator). For those with Frame App already installed on your device and Check for Updates is enabled, you should automatically be prompted to download and install the latest version when you start Frame App.


  • General

    • Support for locking mouse back/forward buttons while in session to prevent users from accidentally exiting the session.

    • Support to disable locking mouse back/forward buttons via command line argument (disable-mouse-lock).


  • General

    • Users can now exit full screen and kiosk mode by pressing and holding Esc for 5 seconds (previously 10 seconds).

  • Frame App for Linux

    • Issue where Windows key can become unresponsive in session.

    • Issue where Ctrl, Alt, and Meta keys can become stuck in session.

    • Issue where Linux error logs are not sent to Frame Platform.

    • Changing application name from Frame Native Terminal to just Frame.

  • Frame App for macOS

    • Issue where user cannot exit full-screen (Frame App menu remains inaccessible) after the Frame session is disconnected or closed while in full-screen mode.

  • Frame App for Windows

    • Changed default installation directory from C:\Program Files (x86) to C:\Program Files.

    • Issue where Frame App menu disappears if the specified Startup URL is invalid.

    • Issue where user input may not work in session upon initial session start.

    • Issue where session may display frequent “Checking Session State” messages when transferring data to/from USB devices when using Generic USB over FRP8.

  • Additional reliability fixes.