Frame App 6.11.0 + HotfixΒΆ

Published on 2022-05-19 00:00:00

Frame App 6.11.1 (Hotfix)

We are announcing the release of Frame App 6.11.1. This version is a hotfix to Frame App 6.11.0 and is currently only available for download from


  • General

    • Issue with addEventListener function which could prevent USB devices (including HID) from functioning properly from within the Frame session in certain situations.

Frame App 6.11.0


This release occurred on 2022-05-12 and was previously included with the Frame Platform Release for that day. Moving forward, all Nutanix Frame App releases will be documented separately.


  • General

    • Integrated with Chromium Embedded Framework version 100.


  • General

    • If option is enabled, clear the local cache on both startup and exit of Frame App.

    • Additional reliability fixes.

  • Frame App for Linux

    • Issue where Frame Terminal would display the Frame menu on secondary displays (and not the primary display) when Frame Terminal was opened in full-screen mode.

    • Issue with keyboard shortcuts where the Windows or ALT key is pressed first before the secondary key were not being passed correctly to the workload VM.

    • Issue where keyboard events are not getting passed correctly to the workload VM when switching between Frame App for Linux and other Linux applications/windows.

    • Issue where keyboard was not working with HP ThinPro OS thin client.

    • Frame App window does not display a title bar and border after the user has exited full screen mode.

  • Frame App for macOS

    • Issue where CMD+V could not be used to paste into Frame App Preferences or in the main menu while not in a Frame session.