Frame Agent 22-09-21

Published on 2022-09-21 00:00:00

Frame Agent


  • Ensuring that inbound tcp/4503-4509 is allowed within Windows Defender Firewall (in addition to udp/4503-4509) for FRP8 support.

  • Ability to increase Sysprep timeout within Frame Guest Agent (FGA) Playbook.

  • Ability for Frame Credential Provider (FCP) to retry Windows user login if first attempt fails.


  • Issue setting Frame user environment variables within Linux instances.

  • Additional reliability fixes.

Frame Server


  • Binary input channel support with FRP8 to optimize HID input operations.

  • Specific logging for webcams.


  • Issue where Frame Server (mf2server.exe) would crash when a user attempts to copy a text string that exceeds 256KB in size.

  • Issue where, when attempting to change the display resolution of the Frame session, an “Access Denied” error would appear if the workload VM OS was unable to set the new resolution within a certain timeframe (added retry logic).

  • Additional reliability fixes.

New Features Now Available in Tech Preview!

  • Frame SSO for Windows Active Directory Domain-Joined Instances.

  • Support for Linux Active Directory Domain-Joined Instances (via LDAP).


To enable any of these Tech Preview features for your Frame account, please create a support case.