Activate your Subscription (for Payment by PO)

If you purchased your Frame subscription by issuing a Purchase Order (PO), you will need to activate your account. Here’s how:

  1. Open your activation email: Once your order has been received and invoiced, you will receive an activation email.

  1. Click the “Activate Subscription” button: You will automatically be redirected to to sign up for a My Nutanix account.


If the subscription should be assigned to a different My Nutanix account, forward the email to someone with access to the desired account and have them complete the activation. The email address of the account activating the subscription must be from a customer domain that is authorized for the subscription.

  1. Activate: After you have logged in to your My Nutanix account, your subscription will automatically be activated.

  2. Go to Frame: Once activated, you will then be able to go to and click on the Frame tile to access your new account. All set!


Lastly, You can add more billing admins to your My Nutanix account by following these instructions. To add end users and Frame admins, refer to our User Management documentation.