Quick Launch

Quick Launch allows users to create their own custom Launchpad to easily access multiple apps across different accounts from a single location. Read on to learn how to enable and use this feature.

Enable Quick Launch

To enable Quick Launch for your account, navigate to your user profile by clicking on your user name in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting the “Edit” button.


You will arrive at your profile page. Navigate to the “Preferences” section and enable the Quick Launch toggle listed at the bottom of the “Preferences” section. Click “Save” in the upper right corner.


Use Quick Launch

Once you have enabled Quick Launch, you can start adding applications to your Quick Launch Launchpad. Start by navigating to one of your application Launchpads.


Right-click on any app you wish to add to Quick Launch and select “Add to Quick Launch.”



If you would prefer that your application launch with a specific system type, be sure to change the system type on the Launchpad before adding to Quick Launch. You can do this by clicking on the arrow next to the system type on the bottom of your Launchpad.


A notification will confirm that you have successfully added your app to Quick Launch.


You can navigate to your Quick Launch Launchpad by clicking on the link that appears in the notification or by clicking on the Launchpad list view icon at the top of your current Launchpad.


Quick Launch will always appear as the first option under the Launchpad list view for quick access.


Hover over the icons on your Quick Launch Launchpad to see details including the system type and the account that the application is hosted from.


Remove an application from your Quick Launch Launchpad by right-clicking and selecting “Remove from Quick Launch.”