Launchpad Management

The Launchpad is the end user-facing part of the Frame platform interface where users launch and manipulate applications. The Frame platform allows you to have multiple Launchpads that can be customized for different use cases and workflows.

Launchpads are attached to “Accounts” and, at their core, they are a representation of the applications that are available for streaming from a Sandbox that is managed by an Organizational or Customer administrator.

An example of a simple application Launchpad:


Clicking on the Launchpad list icon in the upper middle portion of the page will show users all Launchpads they have access to (including titles and thumbnails).


From this interface the end user can easily access any or all of the Launchpads they have access to, providing an efficient entryway into any of the applications and desktops they have access to. The rest of this section will focus on creation and administration of these Launchpads.