App Folders

The “App Folders” feature allows administrators to group similar applications into folders for better organization and convenience. This is especially helpful for users that have many applications. App folders can only be modified by the administrator of the environment from the Dashboard. Follow the steps outlind below to learn how to create app folders.

Create app folders

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard and select “Launchpad” from the menu on the left side of the screen. Select the tab associated with the Launchpad you would like to use. The first tab listed under the Launchpad will be the “Layout” page:

  1. Simply drag one application icon over the top of another app icon that you would like to group together.

  1. The new folder will be created immediately.

  1. Click on the app folder to open it. You can arrange the order of the apps and rename the folder if you desire from within the app folder. To edit the folder name, simply click on the title area within the folder.

  1. To remove an application from the app folder, simply drag and drop it outside of the open folder area. Your app will then be placed back onto the main Launchpad view. Once you are finished arranging your icons and setting up your app folders, click “Save” in the upper right corner of the page.


The folder structure of your apps will also be displayed from the Gear menu while in a Frame session.