Frame Sysprep Helper Tool

Sysprep Helper is a tool designed to simplify the Sysprep process by parsing errors reported by Sysprep and immediately repairing them when possible.


Frame Sysprep Helper can be used in two ways:

  1. As a desktop application for Sysprep testing.

  2. As a console app, used in scenarios where administrators would want to automate Sysprep error-fixing during account publishing.


In case you started Sysprep Helper as a desktop application on your Sandbox and Sysprep succeeds, you must reboot your instance.

Automate the Publish Task with Sysprep Helper Tool

In use cases where Sysprep needs to be performed during a publish (persistent desktops and non-persistent, domain-joined instances), the following PowerShell script will be executed:


Sysprep script will perform various cleanup tasks and then execute a final generalization task: Sysprep.exe with appropriate arguments.

The Sysprep.<cloudprovider>.ps1 workflow:

1. Retrieves OS information
2. Checks activation status
3. Checks antivirus status
4. Removes existing user profiles
- Start-Process -FilePath "$env:windir\System32\Sysprep\Sysprep.exe" -ArgumentList "/oobe /quit /generalize /unattend:$env:ProgramData\Nutanix\Frame\Sysprep\Unattend.xml" -Wait -NoNewWindow

Using Sysprep Helper

FrameSysprepHelper.exe tool is included as part of the Frame Guest Agent, which is installed using the FAST Installer and is located in C:\ProgramData\Nutanix\Frame\Tools\. The tool can be used instead of Sysprep.exe when attempting to automatically resolve issues during Sysprep execution.

To use the Frame Sysprep Helper Tool when publishing a DJI-enabled Frame account, add default Sysprep type key in the Windows system registry.

Default Sysprep Type in Registry

You can now set a default Sysprep type in registry:
HKLM:\\Software\\Nutanix\\Frame\\MachineImage Key: AdvancedSysprep
‘0’ for standard Sysprep
‘1’ for Sysprep using Sysprep Helper Tool
You can also enable/disable this setting by using the checkbox in the Sysprep Helper UI.


If the registry entry is missing or the value is ‘0’, generalization during publish will run the standard Sysprep process.


Frame Sysprep Helper logs can be found in: