Bring Your Own Image

Organizations have the ability to bring their own (BYO) image to Frame and register it as a template image. Once that template image is registered on their public cloud account within Frame, administrators can create Frame accounts using the template image. The “Bring Your Own Image” functionality extends from Nutanix’s support of BYO images on Nutanix’s Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV). Before selecting a BYO image guide from the list of infrastructure providers, please carefully review the considerations and requirements we have listed below:


  • Organizations wishing to leverage public cloud infrastructure must use Frame Guest Agent Installer 2.0.

  • BYO images can only be used with the public cloud infrastructure instance types listed in tables at

  • Only 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems are supported.

  • The Windows user account names “Frame” and “FrameUser” are reserved. Please use a different user name when setting up your Windows local administrator account to prevent issues accessing your image.

  • The timezone for your image must be set to UTC.

General Considerations

  • We recommend disabling automatic Windows updates on the template image. Automatic updates should also be disabled on non-persistent images locally and via any applied GPOs if linked to production pool VMs. Leaving Windows updates enabled could potentially impact user performance in certain use cases.

  • If you plan on setting up Domain Join for your account, we strongly recommend that you do not domain join the template image VM since the sysprep procedure to generalize the template image VM will remove the template image VM from the domain.

  • If you require HTTPS traffic from your workload VMs to go through a proxy server to reach the Internet (and Frame Platform), you will need to configure the proxy settings in the Windows registry of the gold image. Frame Guest Agent supports authenticated (username/password) and unauthenticated proxy servers, provided they can handle HTTPS and Secure WebSocket traffic. Refer to our Proxy Server documentation page for further details.

  • During image generalization, there are certain conditions that could cause sysprep to fail. Please reference this article from Microsoft for additional details.