Supported Peripheral Devices

Frame supports using many common peripheral devices, including the verified devices listed below. The Google Chrome browser is the preferred client browser for all integrations. Most of the same functionality is available on other modern browsers like Mozilla FireFox and Microsoft Edge. If a desired device is not listed, please reach out to Nutanix Support. Frame remoting technology provides unique integrations for distinct devices based on use case. Check out our End User System Requirements documentation to read more about supported browsers on Frame.

Device Type Windows PC (HTML5) Mac (HTML5) iOS/Android (HTML5) Linux (HTML5)
Storage Device (PenDrive, USB Hard disk) uses File Upload/Download feature -
Audio Out
Audio In (Microphone) -
CAC/Smart Card Readers* (via Frame Session API) - - -
TWAIN Scanners* (via Frame Session API) - - -
Standard Generic Keyboard N/A
Symbol HID Barcode Scanner N/A
Mouse N/A
Multi-touch Screen - -
Wacom Intuos Pen Touch Device* N/A -
Microsoft Surface Pen N/A N/A N/A
Printer (uses Frame Virtual Printer) N/A
Text Clipboard support N/A

* = Early Access Feature