Close Sessions

“I’m all finished with using my app. How should I end my session?”

Close your Session

First, save all of your work to your preferred storage space. Once you have saved your work, select the gear icon in the bottom left corner to bring up the menu where the “Close session” option is displayed.


After you select “Close session”, you’ll see this prompt:


Clicking “Close session” will close running applications and terminate your instance after 60 seconds. If you want to keep your session active and pick up where you left off later, refer to the article on “Disconnect and Resume.”


Save your files before closing your session! You should always save your work to your cloud storage drive or preferred storage option before closing your session. If you only save files to the local drive of the instance (typically the C: drive), those files will be destroyed when you close the session. Most account administrators have stateless sessions enabled, which means nothing is stored locally – so you have to save your work before ending the session.