Run Applications

Once you’ve signed in successfully, you’ll be taken to your Launchpad where you can access any applications provided by your organization.


Start a session

Click on your desired application to initiate a session. If the system status indicator (located at the bottom right corner of your screen) was yellow, your instance will need to first power on which typically takes about 3 minutes. You’ll see a spinner and a message next to the status indicator while it powers up. Once it’s ready, you’ll be connected to your session automatically.


If the status indicator is green, your selected application will launch within seconds, running in your very own Frame session.


Your status indicator will be red if there are no available sessions. If you cannot access your apps, you’ll need to contact your account administrator to evaluate capacity settings.

Tools within your session

Once you’re in your session, note the Frame session status bar at the bottom of the window. You can hover over the icons and/or click on them for more information.

The gear icon at the lower left portion of the screen brings up a menu with a variety of options, including the ability to launch other apps within the same session for multi-app workflows. Once you’ve launched multiple apps you can switch between them by:

  • Clicking on the individual app windows in the session (when they’re not maximized)
  • Using ALT + TAB (on Macs) or ALT + ` (on Windows PCs)
  • Navigating to the app list from the gear icon and selecting the app (open apps will be listed in bold)