Connect to your Personal Drive

If your administrator has enabled Personal Drives for your account, you have access to a storage drive that persists your data between sessions and can be managed from your profile page. We will outline how to access and manage your Personal Drive below.

Access your Personal Drive

Your Personal Drive is tied to your Frame account and can be used from the session just like a regular storage drive on your local computer. Simply navigate to your file explorer in your Frame session and look for the “PersonalDisk (P:)” drive.


The storage capacity of your Personal Drive is set by your administrator. To check the storage capacity, right click on the drive and select “Properties.” The value will be listed next to “Free space.” The data on your Personal Drive is only accessible to you, and can only be accessed through your Frame account.


The data saved to your Personal Drive cannot be accessed outside of your Frame account. If you need access to your data outside of your Frame account, check out our documentation on using your cloud storage drive with Frame.

Manage Backups

Frame allows Launchpad users to manage their own Personal Drive backups with ease. Simply click on your system menu in the upper right corner of your Launchpad, and then click on the “Edit” button listed to the right of your name.


You will be taken to your profile page. Click on the “Personal drive backups” tab listed on the left side.


From this page, you can initiate your own backups for your Personal Drive by clicking on “Create Backup.” Specify the name of your backup and click “Create” to initiate.


A status update will appear above the “Backups” section. Once completed, the status notification will disappear and your new backup will appear as a listed item. Any other backups (either automatic or manually created by your administrator) will appear in this section as well.


The number of manual backups that can be retained for your profile is set by your account administrator.

To restore from a backup, click on the ellipsis next to the backup you wish to restore and select “Restore.”


Restoring from a previous backup will replace the current Personal Drive image with the backup image you select. Any changes made since the selected backup was created will be erased.