User Profile

The user profile section of the Xi Frame UI consists of multiple components that allow you to view and manage your account preferences, storage provider options, and Personal Drive backups (if enabled). This document will describe how each component works.

Firstly, navigate to your profile page by clicking on the profile icon in the upper right corner of your Dashboard or Launchpad and selecting the “Edit” button next to your name.



Under the “General” tab of your profile page, you can edit your general information, change your password, and view which identity providers (IdPs) and roles you have been assigned.


Hover over the blue links to see more details about each entity associated with each role.


On this page, you can enable or disable certain features of your Xi Frame account.


Desktop Auto Launch

If enabled, the Desktop Auto Launch feature sends users directly into their desktop session, skipping the Launchpad completely. This eliminates the requirement for the user to have to click on the sole “Desktop” icon of their desktop-only Launchpad.

Terminal Shortcuts

Terminal shortcuts can be used in the session to perform various actions. The table below outlines each key combination and the corresponding action.

Terminal Shortcuts
Windows key combo, Mac key combo Action
Alt + R, Option + R Displays resolution menu
Alt + S, Option + S Displays settings menu
Alt + Q, Option + Q Brings up dialog to disconnect session
Alt + C, Option + C Brings up dialog to quit session

Quick Launch

Quick Launch allows users to create their own custom Launchpad to easily access multiple apps across different accounts from a single location. Read on to learn how to enable and use this feature. Check out our Quick Launch documentation for more information on how this Early Access feature works.

Storage Providers

The Xi Frame platform integrates with four major cloud storage providers: Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box. Users have the option (if enabled by their administrator) to log in to their cloud storage accounts while in the session.

If you wish to attach any of your cloud storage accounts to your session automatically upon session startup, you can do so by navigating to the “Storage providers” tab of your profile page. Simply click the plus symbol next to the desired cloud storage provider, as shown below.


You will immediately be prompted to log in to your cloud storage account. Once you have successfully logged in, your cloud storage service will be automatically attached to any Xi Frame session you access. More information is available in our cloud storage documentation.

Personal Drive Backups

A Personal Drives is a storage drive that persists your data between sessions. If your administrator has enabled Personal Drives for any of the accounts you are associated with, this table will be available to you from your profile page. Check out our Personal Drive documentation for more information on how to manage your backups.

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