Open and Edit Files

What good are apps without access to their data? With Frame, you have a few options for accessing and working with your files:

  • Upload/download files from/to your local device
  • Collaborate with your team on a shared network drive


With most browsers you can simply drag and drop a file from your local desktop onto your Frame session’s browser window to initiate an upload. Alternatively, you can click on the file upload icon and the following pop-up will explain what to do next:


Click on the icon to bring up your local computer’s file browser (such as Finder on Mac). After you select a file, it will be uploaded to the “Uploads” folder within your Frame session. The indicator on the right side of the status bar will display the progress of the upload:


Once the file has been uploaded, you can access it directly in your application by using the app’s file manager or navigating to the “Uploads” folder in the Favorites section.

If needed, you can cancel the file upload by clicking on the progress indicator. A small dialog will appear with the option to “cancel” or “cancel all.”



If you would like to download a file to your local machine, move the file to the “Download Now” folder under your “Links” directory. The file will automatically start downloading to your local browser’s download location.


You can drag any files from your local Frame session to the “Download Now” folder to download it to your local machine. Your browser window will show the file being downloaded to your local computer automatically.


As it is, drag and drop works across all Frame-supported browsers, however, there can be limitations if you want to move folders as well as files. Chrome and Opera Browsers have full drag-and-drop support for both files and folders, however, the folder structure will not be preserved (only files will be uploaded). Firefox, Safari, Edge, and IE 11 Browsers support file uploads, but certain limitations in the browsers mean we can’t provide support for folder uploads. If you attempt to upload files and folders together in Firefox, Safari, or Edge, the files will be uploaded successfully, but not the folder content. If you attempt this with IE 11, the entire upload will fail.