Session Disconnect and Resume

“I need to take a break from working on my app, but don’t want to end my session yet.”

If you want to pause your session and come back to where you left it later, then use the “Disconnect” feature. You can even disconnect from one device and resume your session from another device (for instance, disconnect from your work PC and resume from your iPad).

Before disconnecting, be aware of session idle time and max session time. When you disconnect, your session will only remain active in the background for the amount of time that your administrator has set as the “idle time.” The idle time is set to 10 minutes by default but your administrator may adjust this value as necessary. It is important to be aware of the maximum session time limit which, if reached first, will power off your session. So, to be safe, always save your work and note the time remaining on your session status bar before disconnecting.

Disconnect from your session

Click on the gear icon in the bottom left corner and select “Disconnect”:


After you select “Disconnect,” a prompt appears:


Clicking on Disconnect returns you to the Launchpad after 15 seconds. However, your session will keep running until the Idle timeout limit is reached. Again, the default value is 10 minutes but your administrator can change this limit depending on the needs of your organization.

The time remaining for your session is displayed on your Frame session status bar, for example:


Resume your session

From the Launchpad, you can see “Resume” or “Quit now” in the bottom left corner of the screen. Simply click on “Resume” to be taken back into your session. Note that you can also click on any of the app icons to be taken back to your session.



If you decide to click “Quit now” from your Launchpad, first ensure you have already saved your work to your preferred storage option before powering off.

Closing the local browser tab

If you close your browser, close the session tab, or modify the web address, then the session will react as if you manually disconnected from it.

Resume your disconnected session by navigating back to your Frame account’s URL in your local browser. You will automatically be directed back to your Launchpad. Click “Resume” (next to the system status indicator) to reconnect, and you will be right where you left off. If you closed your browser entirely and cleared your cookies, you can get back to your session by signing in again.


Closing the app is like using the “Disconnect” option – it DOES NOT power off. Note that if you close your application by clicking on the “X” in the upper right corner of the session window, you will effectively be disconnecting from your session. While the app will no longer be running, a session will remain reserved for you for the duration of the idle timeout setting. So, if you are done with your work and wish to close the session completely, always go to the gear icon and click “Power off.”