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· 17 min read
Ruben Spruijt

DaaSLikeAPro 2023

Whether you are just looking to get started with Desktop as a Service (DaaS) in your organization or you are a seasoned DaaS veteran, I highly recommend checking out the latest EUC State of the Union (2022 - 2023) white paper put together by the team (including yours truly) at DaaS Like A Pro.

· 4 min read
Yangzhi Zhao

Frame Newsletter

Happy New Year! Welcome to our latest Frame Newsletter with more exciting updates and content, including:

  • New and improved Frame documentation site
  • IDC names Nutanix Frame a Major Player in latest DaaS MarketScape
  • PrinterLogic achieves Frame Ready validation
  • Auto-enable Mic & Webcam feature now available with Frame App 6.16
  • See Frame at the upcoming TCEA, Tec-Next, and IGEL DISRUPT events
  • Sign-up for a free Frame Administration Course
  • Take a free 12-Hour Frame Test Drive

· 6 min read
David Horvath

In my previous blogs I have outlined how the Frame™ Bring Your Own (BYO) Networking capability in Amazon Web Services (AWS) could be used to deploy a Frame account in a manner that would allow Frame-managed workload VMs to be connected to an existing private network. Recent addition of Frame Remoting Protocol (FRP) 8 has adjusted some of the ports and protocols used for workload connectivity. In this blog, I will update how the Frame Streaming Gateway Appliance (SGA) interacts with the new FRP8 networking environment.

· 3 min read
Yangzhi Zhao

Frame Newsletter

We have lots of exciting updates and content in this edition, including:

  • Google names Nutanix Frame as a Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution
  • Frame Single Sign-On feature is now available in Tech Preview
  • Customer case study on using Frame for hybrid learning
  • Frame at DEVELOP3D LIVE 2022!
  • Free online Frame Administration Course on Dec 6-7
  • Free 12-Hour Frame Test Drive

Chrome Enterprise Recommended

Last month, Nutanix Frame was named one of four solutions for Virtualization validated as Chrome Enterprise Recommended by Google! Not only does this expand Frame and Google's partnership, it further enables Frame to drive success for our mutual ChromeOS and Chrome customers. If you're wondering what it's like to run Frame-powered apps and desktops on a Chromebook, take a few minutes to check out this cool demo video and learn more by checking out our blog.

Frame SSO Now Available for Tech Preview!

Frame Single Sign-On (SSO) lets users register their AD credentials so they can sign in just once to Frame and then let Frame SSO automatically pass the user's AD credentials to the Frame VM. What's incredible about Frame's patented solution for single sign-on compared to other legacy approaches is that it requires no additional complexity (no special servers, no shadow accounts, no certificate authorities, no extra permissions, etc.). If you're interested in trying out Frame SSO, please open a support case and our team will enable this feature for you.

Cal State Dominguez Hills Enables Hybrid Learning with Frame

Cal State Dominguez Hills

California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) turned to Frame on Nutanix AOS to quickly enable remote learning as COVID-19 escalated in Spring 2020. Now in 2022, CSUDH continues to give their students increased flexibility. “Students are able to access a full Windows 10 computer with loaded software from a web browser, since they're not always on campus anymore,” said Gabriel Flores, OS Administrator. “All they need is just a computer or a tablet, and they're able to access licensed software from the university, or from any part of the world. To learn more, check out this case study.

Frame at DEVELOP3D LIVE 2022!

DEVELOP3D LIVE is the UK's leading conference and exhibition celebrating design, engineering, and manufacturing technology. This year's conference took place on November 1st at The University of Sheffield and Frame was proud to be the Platinum Sponsor! To learn more about Frame's capabilities in virtualizing 3D/CAD and design apps, please check out our Autodesk case study.


Left: Frame team showing attendees just how easy it is to host and deliver CAD workstations from the cloud with Frame!
Right: Attendee playing Assetto Corsa on a racing sim all hosted through a Frame session!

Frame Administration Course (FREE!)

December Frame Course

December 6-7, 2022

We are excited to offer another COMPLETELY FREE Frame Administration Course for our customers, partners, and prospects! Join one of our amazing Frame Solutions Architects virtually on Zoom on December 6th and 7th from 8:00AM - 12:30PM PST and learn just how easy it is to deploy and manage Frame on the cloud of your choice. Sign-up today!

Want to Learn More?

Test Drive Frame Today

If you haven't tried yet, we welcome you to take Frame on a free 12-hour test drive.

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· 4 min read
David Horvath

The Nutanix® Frame® Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution that allows administrators to create pools of non-persistent desktops and applications for use by internal and external users. When used on one of the public cloud infrastructures – AWS®, Azure® or GCP® clouds – this service can scale out very quickly and increase an organization's capacity to support a variety of use cases

One use case provides applications for training or tradeshow/conference demonstration purposes on a temporary basis.This use case could become important to close all the active sessions on a Frame account to allow deprovisioning of the cloud resources. This blog will step you through how the Frame admin API can be used to accomplish this objective via a PowerShell script.

· 6 min read
Yangzhi Zhao

Nutanix and ServiceNow have built a strong partnership over the years, and the collaboration continues as we look to deliver even more benefits for our mutual customers! One example of this is to see just how easy it is to integrate the Nutanix Frame Desktop-as-a-Service with the ServiceNow workflow solution to easily onboard and provision apps and desktops to new users!

· 8 min read
David Horvath

Nutanix Frame® Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) has long supported private network workloads via the implementation of a Streaming Gateway Appliance (SGA). On public cloud infrastructure, this capability can be automatically deployed upon account creation. As a part of this process, the Frame platform creates a Network Address Translation (NAT) Gateway to ensure that the workloads have a way to communicate back to the Frame control plane residing on the Internet. When deployed, this NAT GW does not provide network administrators the ability to control or restrict the outbound web traffic of the workloads. By combining an autodeployed SGA with Amazon® Web Service's (AWS) Network Firewall solution, a network administrator can get fine grained control of the outbound web traffic for Frame-managed workloads and still allow them to contact the Frame control plane. This blog will demonstrate how this can be done.

· 8 min read
Stefan Gajic

Today, we are witnessing a number of companies building or moving their infrastructure to the public cloud. In one of our previous blogs, my colleague David Horvath explained how you can “Bring Your Own Azure Network to Frame.” With BYO Networking, the Nutanix Frame® DaaS solution provisions Frame-managed workloads in your designated Microsoft Azure® VNet. Access to the workloads in that VNet remains within your private network.

For customers who want their users to access these workloads from the Internet without a VPN, Nutanix provides the Frame Streaming Gateway Appliance (SGA), a secure reverse proxy that supports the Frame Remoting Protocol (FRP) 7 (Secure WebSocket-based) and 8 (WebRTC-based). The SGA allows you to securely grant users access to virtualized applications and/or desktops running in the Azure private VNet without a VPN.