Delete Applications

If your application has been installed on the Sandbox and onboarded to Frame, deleting it is easy!

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard. On the “Systems” page, look for the “Applications” section near your Sandbox. Hover over the application you would like to get rid of – you should see a gear symbol and trash can symbol, like this:

  1. Click on the trash symbol to schedule the deletion of the application on the next publish. This means that your users will still see the application until the next time you publish.

Uninstall the application from your Sandbox

  1. While this step is not essential, it is best to uninstall applications that you do not intend to use anymore from your Sandbox. Launch your Sandbox, click on the Windows Start button at the bottom left corner, and select “Computer” from the menu as shown below:

  1. Once in the “Computer” window, find and click the “Uninstall or change a program” button at the top center of the window, per the screenshot below. Then simply select the application you wish to uninstall from the list and follow the prompts to uninstall.