Terminate an Entity

Follow the simple instructions below to learn how to terminate an Account or Organization entity from the Admin view of the Frame UI.

Before You Terminate an Entity

Before terminating an entity in Frame, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Reduce the capacity to 0 for all Accounts you wish to terminate or all Accounts associated with an Organization you wish to terminate.

  • Delete any Sandbox/Utility server snapshots or backups.

  • Customers using BYO infrastructure should delete any cloud resources (such as a VPN Gateway, a VPC/VNET peer, manually created and attached volumes, or manually created VMs) from their BYO infrastructure console before terminating their Frame Account/Organization entity.

  1. Navigate to the entity you wish to terminate from the Admin view of your Frame account. In this example, we will terminate the “Test Acct” account entity.

  1. Click on the ellipsis listed next to the entity you wish to terminate and select “Update.”

  1. Navigate to the “Terminate” tab.

  2. Click the acknowledgement checkbox under the “Terminate account” heading and then click “Terminate” in the upper right corner.


A dialog box will appear in your admin view notifying you of the progress of the entity termination.