How to Create a Support Case

If you are experiencing issues with your Xi Frame account or simply have a question, it’s easy to submit a support case. Start by logging in to your My Nutanix account. Scroll down to the “Support Portal” tile listed under the “Support and Community” section of your account dashboard and click “Launch.”


The Support Portal will launch in a new tab in your browser window. Locate and click on the “Create a New Case” button listed under “My Dashboard.”


Create a new support case with the following information:

  • Product: Select “Xi Frame” from the drop-down menu.
  • Subject: Enter a subject relevant to the issue you’re experiencing.
  • Priority: Assign a priority level for your case. Priority levels are explained in more detail below.
  • Issue: Select an option from the drop-down menu that best describes your issue.
  • Problem Description: Provide a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing. Include the name of the account and steps for our support team to reproduce the issue.
  • Additional User Notification: You can add up to three additional email addresses to be notified regarding the case.
  • Attach Files: Attach any screenshots, documents, or other files that could help our support team get to the bottom of your issue.

Once you have filled out all necessary information, hit “Submit” in the bottom right corner of the page.

Definitions of Priority Level and Targeted Initial Response

Priority Level Description Target Initial Support Response
P1 Emergency: System is not available, and productivity has been halted. The product is not properly functioning in its current state. All data unavailability or data loss issues are assigned this priority level. Within 1 hour.
P2 Critical: System is available but experiencing issues that have a direct impact on productivity. Major inconvenience. Within 4 hours.
P3 Normal. The system is having an occasional issue that has been identified as needing to be resolved, but the issue has not greatly affected productivity. Minor inconvenience. Next business day (NBD).
P4 Low. Questions about documentation, processes, or procedures. General requests about information. Within the next 2 business days.
RFE Requests for Enhancements. Feature requests for the product that would improve the experience or functionality for the customer. Within 2 weeks.

If you would like more information regarding Nutanix SLA response times, please reference the SaaS Support section of our product support page.