Create Accounts

Frame Customer and Organizational admins can create and manage multiple accounts from their Admin view. Each account can have its own unique application set, properties, region, etc.

How to Create a New Account

Customer/Organizational admins can create a new account by navigating to the Admin page and selecting the “Accounts” page listed on the left side of the console.

  1. Click the “Add Account” link located on the upper right portion of the screen and select “Desktops” to create a new Desktop account.

  2. A window will appear with multiple fields to configure. This account creation screen allows us to designate various features of the new account.

    • Organization: Select or search for the the top level organization the account will reside under.

    • Name: Frame automatically generates an account name for you, but you can edit this field if desired. The account name is the unique identifier tied to server and backend account settings.

    • URL name: This editable field designates the unique identifier of the URL for users to access the login page. The format for the string referenced above would appear as:
    • Cloud provider: Select the desired cloud or IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) provider for your account.

    • Data center: Specify the desired datacenter you would like the account to be created in.

    • Image family: Select the base server type/version (AMI) for the account. The options for image family vary depending on the cloud provider.

    • Sandbox instance type: Select the system type of the Sandbox upon account creation. The system type can be modified at a later time from the Dashboard of the account.

    • Disk size: Use the slider or the editable field next to it to specify the initial Sandbox disk capacity upon account creation.

    • Customize VPC settings: Enable this toggle to designate a custom VPC CIDR or Private VPC.

    • Persistent Desktop: This toggle will enable “Persistent Desktops” for your account.

  3. Once you have filled in all account creation fields, click “Create” in the bottom right corner of the window. Once the operation is complete, the new account will populate in the accounts list.

Common Issues Encountered when Creating Accounts

When creating new accounts, the Frame platform automatically provisions new resources on the underlying Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). It’s important to understand this process in order to effectively debug issues such as these:

Long Provisioning Time for Sandbox on New Account

  • The typical time required to create a new instance (for the Sandbox on a new account) is 10-15 minutes.This time is necessary as the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is being created from the Frame base image. After creation, updates are applied incrementally and there may be a reboot required for an update – this can extend the provisioning time for the Sandbox to over 15 minutes.

  • In some cases, if there is a problem with provisioning the first Sandbox, the system may go into a recovery process that will terminate the original instance and start over with a new Sandbox which could result in a provisioning time closer to 30 minutes.

  • If the above process takes between 30 minutes to an hour, there could be a problem with limits on the AWS account. For example, provisioning can’t proceed if the account limit is reached with the request for a new instance. In this case, you should check your account limits according to the items listed below.

Instance and Storage Limits Reached per Region

  • When publishing to provision instances with storage volumes (especially GPU-backed instances), there is a possibility that the instance and/or storage limit can be reached in the given region (e.g. the default limits for GPU instances on new AWS accounts are typically very low per region).

  • If instance storage limits in a given region are hit, provisioning of the Sandbox for the new account will fail.

VPC Limit Reached

  • For each account, a new VPC is required. There are limits to the number of VPC’s that can be created.

  • If an issue is encountered when creating VPCs due to the limit being hit, the account creation will fail.

Process to Increase AWS Capacity Limits

In general, when provisioning accounts, the AWS account must have sufficient capacity/limits to support the instance, storage, VPC and other demands. If limits are reached, the owner of the AWS account must request limit increases by submitting a ticket with AWS support. This may require a conversation with the AWS account rep to ensure the business case for the limit increase is understood.