Manage Organizations

Customer administrators have permissions to add, edit, and deactivate orgnizations. We have created different organizations for various departments of the company for the examples below.

Add an Organization

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard to create a new organization. Click on the profile icon with your initials in the upper right corner of the screen. Select “Go to Admin.” From the Admin screen, click on the “Organizations” menu option on the left side of the screen.

  2. Click “Add Organization” in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Add the name for the organization in the “Name” field of the window that appears and then click “Create.” For this example, our new organization will be named “Docs Test Org.”

  3. The organization will appear in the list once the system has completed the operation. The green “A” icon next to the new account indicates that the organization is active.


Edit an Organization

Once the organization has been created, you can click on the organization name to edit basic details, settings, set custom login banners, and much more. We will review the contents of each tab below. Please note that any settings/toggles you enable here will be applied to the entirety of the organization and any accounts listed underneath it.

Basic Info

Clicking on the organization name will take you directly to the the “Basic Info” tab.

  • Name: Edit the name of your organization in this field.

  • URL name: This specifies the portion of the URL unique to your organization. For example, specifying “docstestorg” would look like this:[customer_URL]/docstestorg/[account_URL]
  • Description: Add a description about the organization.

  • Website: Place the web address for your organization here (for example, “”).

  • Notes: Add any relevant notes to this section.


Click on the “Settings” tab right next to the “Basic Info” tab to edit the fields listed below.

General settings

  • My timezone: Use the dropdown menu to specify your timezone.


The timezone you select will be applied to your Dashboard and referenced by any associated logs.

Custom banners

Terminal banners display custom messages across the top of a user’s Frame session. Banners can be used as a reminder to the user that they are using a special type of environment. This feature is required for many high security environments such as government, medical, and finance. Administrators can specify the color and text of the banner for their own classification purposes.

A login banner displays a custom message to your users after they log in to the platform.

Reference the “Banners and Classification Labeling” section of our documentation listed under “Session Conduct” to learn more about setting custom terminal and login banners.


Admins can specify authentication method, manage users, and adjust permissions from the “Security” tab. More information is listed under the “User Management” portion of our documentation.

Deactivate an Organization

To deactivate an organization, navigate back to the organizations list view. Click the ellipsis next to the organization you wish you deactivate and select “Terminate.”


Deactivating an organization will also deactivate any active accounts listed underneath it.


A prompt will appear asking you to confirm your choice. Click “Terminate” in the bottom right corner.