Notification Center

Admins can easily stay up-to-date regarding their Frame resources with the Notification Center. Real-time notifications are displayed in a Notification Center widget at the top of the Frame console and are also accessible from a tab in the user profile and Dashboard views. The Notification Center displays two different types of information: tasks and notifications. Information displayed in the Notification Center can be for account, organization, or customer entities.

Types of Information

Tasks (circular icon) show the status of various changes made within the platform. For example, creating an account, publishing, creating utility servers, changing capacity settings, etc. trigger a task notification that will inform the admin that an event has started, is in progress, or has completed.



Notifications (bell icon) are different from tasks; notifications notify Admins when specific events happen (e.g., resource limits, when a publish fails, cloud provider communication issues, etc.). There are three different types of notifications: info, warning, or error.



Notification Center Widget

The Notification Center splits information into two categories: Tasks (circular icon) and notifications (bell icon). Clicking these icons from the Frame console view (the widget) will display a list of pending tasks or notifications the current user is subscribed to.


The Notification Center widget

From the widget, hover your cursor over the gear icon next to a task to see more details.


Read more details by clicking the drop-down arrow for any notification.


Click the drop-down arrow next to your notification.


More information is provided.

Dismiss Tasks and Notifications

Dismissing an event will only dismiss the task or notification for your console view; other subscribed admins will still see the event. To dismiss tasks or notifications from the Notification Center widget, simply select the task or notification icon and click the dismiss (x) button inside of the event.


Dismiss a task


Dismiss a notification

Acknowledge Notifications

Acknowledging a notification removes it from the widget, but the notification is still available on the Notification Center page.


Acknowledging a notification will dismiss it for all administrators subscribed to the same resource.

Simply click on the check mark icon to acknowledge and dismiss a notification for all users subscribed to that resource.


Acknowledging from the widget

You can also acknowledge these notifications from the Notification Center page. Click the ellipsis listed next to a notification and select “Acknowledge” as pictured below.


Acknowledging from the page

Understanding Widget Icons and Statuses

The tables below provide keys for understanding task and notification statuses in your Notification Center.

Task Statuses




The number of running tasks is displayed next to the spinning blue task icon at the top of the Notification Center widget.


The number of failed tasks is displayed next to a red icon.


The total number of completed tasks is displayed next to a green icon.


The number of canceled tasks is displayed next to a yellow icon.

Notification Statuses




The total number of errors is displayed next to a red bell icon.


The total number of warnings is displayed next to a yellow bell icon.


The number of informational notifications is displayed next to a green bell icon.

Notification Center Page

Admins can view all tasks and notifications by visiting the Notification Center page for any customer, organization, or account entity. Additionally, admins can see all tasks and notifications they’re subscribed to from the widget.


Admins can search, filter, and inspect details for any task/notification from the Notification Center page. Tasks and notifications are displayed separately by tabs located at the top of the page.

Viewing details

Tasks and notifications both provide various details pertaining to an event. Tasks provide information about which entity the task applies to, which user initiated the task, start and end time for the task, and the total duration of the task. Notifications provide information about which entity the notification applies to, type of notification, the notification creation date and whether or not the notification has been acknowledged.


Admins can subscribe to notifications for specific entities (customers, organizations, or accounts) to ensure that they’re in the loop when changes are made or alerts are triggered. By default, an admin is automatically subscribed to an any organizations or accounts they create.


Admins can easily subscribe or unsubscribe by navigating to the Subscriptions tab of the Notification Center in their profile view, locating the desired entity, and toggling the check box. Be sure to click “Save” to update your subscriptions.



Subscribing to new entities will only display tasks and notifications in the widget created from that point forward.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about the Notification Center, please submit a support case from the My Nutanix portal.