Frame Guest Agent (FGA) Upgrade

Frame administrators now have the option to upgrade existing Frame accounts with Nutanix Frame Guest Agent (FGA) 7.X to FGA 8.0. FGA 8.0 provides customers with experience improvements in orchestration and error-handling. For customers who have created Frame accounts using AHV infrastructure, private networking (with or without the Streaming Gateway Appliance), or Bring Your Own Network on public cloud infrastructure, FGA 8.0 eliminates the need for a Workload Cloud Connector Appliance (WCCA).

Furthermore, FGA 8.0 will be the basis of new Frame features in the months ahead and as a result, all Frame accounts will need to upgrade to FGA 8.0.

FGA 8.0 Prerequisites

Before upgrading your Frame account to use FGA 8.0, review the following prerequisites and ensure they are met:

  • Review network configuration requirements for FGA 8.0 for your specific network configuration.

  • If the Frame account contains one or more utility servers, a maintenance window should be scheduled. Administrators will need to upgrade the FGA on each Utility server and reboot each Utility server.

Validation and Upgrade Process

To upgrade the Frame account to FGA 8.0, the administrator will need to upgrade the Sandbox and any Utility servers. Once the Sandbox is upgraded and verified to continue to work, then the administrator can then publish the Sandbox to upgrade the production workload VMs.

The verification and upgrade process consists of the following automated steps:

  1. Frame Platform will backup the Sandbox.

  2. Frame Platform will then clone your Sandbox to a new VM and deploy the new FGA in this cloned VM.

  3. Frame Platform will run a series of verifications on the cloned VM to make sure that new FGA can communicate with Frame Platform.

  4. If everything works as expected, the administrator will have the option to test a Sandbox session on the cloned VM to verify that the FGA is working as intended.

  5. If the session worked as expected, the administrator can confirm the upgrade and publish the Sandbox to the production VMs.

Upgrade an Existing Account

  1. Login to Frame and and navigate to the Dashboard of the Frame Account you wish to upgrade. A Frame Account that is eligible for the FGA 8.0 upgrade will have a banner displayed at the top of the Dashboard.

  1. In the Dashboard, select the “Sandbox” menu tab and click the blue “Verify” button to request Frame Platform run the series of verifications on the cloned Sandbox VM.

  1. You will see the verification begin, showing detailed messages about each step.

  1. If the verification process confirms that the Sandbox can be upgraded to FGA 8.0, the Dashboard will display the blue “Upgrade” button, which you can click to start the process for upgrading to FGA 8.0 in the Sandbox. The upgrade process for the Sandbox will take a couple of minutes to complete. After the upgrade has finished, start a session on the Sandbox to verify that everything is working correctly.

  1. Once you have verified that you can successfully launch a session from the Sandbox with FGA 8.0, the Sandbox image can be published to the production workload VMs by clicking on the blue “Publish” button.


Upgrade Utility Servers

If the Frame account has any Utility servers, the FGA on those workload VMs will need to be upgraded as well. Administrators need simply to follow the same verification and upgrade workflow as described in the prior section. Of course, there will be no need to “Publish” the Utility servers.


Upgrading FGA may cause downtime. Please schedule time for maintenance and perform the upgrade at a time that won’t impact your users.


Completing the Upgrade

After your Sandbox and all Utility Server have been successfully upgraded, note that the version of the Sandbox (and any Utility servers) will begin with “8.0”.


Click on the blue “Finish” button to complete the FGA 8.0 upgrade for your Frame Account.


Upgrading FGA for Frame Accounts on AHV

For existing Frame Accounts on AHV, follow the same procedure described previously to upgrade the Sandbox, Utility servers (if any), and production workload VMs to FGA 8.0. Be sure to upgrade any template images on your AHV cluster to use FGA 8.0 avoid the need to upgrade newly created Frame Accounts in the future.

Existing Template Image

To upgrade a gold master image to FGA 8.0, follow the procedure below to create a new Frame Account using the gold image. From there, upgrade the new Frame Account to FGA 8.0, clone that Sandbox image to be used as a new gold image using Prism Central, and add it to your AHV Cloud Account.

  1. Create a new Frame Account and upgrade this new account to FGA 8.0, following the procedure above.

  2. After the upgrade process is completed, go to Prism Central and locate the new account’s Sandbox VM. Select it and under Actions go to “Clone”.

  1. Rename the VM to avoid confusion and click on Save.

  1. Navigate to the Categories page in Prism Central. If the following two categories do not exist in Prism Central, create the Categories. Frame Platform relies on these categories to retrieve all gold images from the AHV cluster. Click Create Category to create two categories:

  • FrameRole with value MasterTemplate

  • FrameGuestAgentKind with value fga

  1. Apply the Categories to our newly cloned VM. In Prism Central, navigate to the VM page, then select the new cloned gold image vM from the list. Click Actions, Manage Categories.

  1. Assign two Categories to the cloned VM.

  1. Register the new gold image in Frame Platform, under your AHV Cloud Account, so the gold image with FGA 8.0 can be used to create new Frame Accounts. Go to the Frame Console and locate the customer or organization entity that is associated with your AHV Cloud Account. Click the 3-dot menu to the right, and select Cloud Accounts.

  1. Click on the Cloud Accounts tab and switch to the Master Images tab. Once the panel loads, select the new gold image and click Save. If you don’t see your newly created image, click Retrieve master images button at the top right and verify that you have properly set the Categories on the VM in Prism Central.



To confirm that you have properly created a new gold image with FGA 8.0, verify that the new gold image is displayed as an option when a Frame Account is created on your AHV cluster. Create a new Frame Account using our newly added gold image, as pictured below.


Once the Frame account is created, verify in the Dashboard, Sandbox page, that the server has version 8.0 and you can start a session to the Sandbox.


If at any point in the FGA upgrade process you run into errors or a validation step fails, please create a support case.