Clone a Sandbox/Utility Server

The Frame Platform supports the ability for administrators to clone Sandbox and Utility Server images across accounts, provided the accounts were created within the same cloud account. This enables administrators to replicate a single Sandbox or Utility Server to multiple accounts. Only Organizational or Customer Admins can initiate a clone.

Initiate a Clone

The Sandbox/Utility server cloning operation will copy the Sandbox/Utility server image in one account to a Sandbox/Utility server in a different account.


You must initiate the Sandbox/Utility Server cloning operation in the account you wish to copy the image from.

Follow the steps listed below to clone an image from one Sandbox to another.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard of the account you would like to clone the Sandbox from.

  2. From the “Sandbox” or “Utility Servers” page of your Dashboard, navigate to the desired Sandbox or Utility Server you wish to clone from. Click on the ellipses next to the desired system and select “Clone to another account.”

  3. You will see the following dialog:

  4. Select the account you would like to clone the current Sandbox image to. A check box will appear asking you to confirm your choice. Click “Clone” after enabling this toggle.

  5. The action will start. The status information will be updated when the Sandbox clone operation has successfully completed.

  6. The account Sandbox/Utility Server you are cloning the image to will be temporarily unavailable. The operation status will be displayed in the “Pending requests” list above the system.